Why Should I Recycle?

Why should I Recycle?If it is feasible to recycle, I believe that people should try to make an effort to do so, as this is great for the environment and the future of our plant. There are now many different groups and organisations that can now help to recycle some of our unwanted goods and waste. Also, we do not want to turn this plant into a giant waste pit.

One problem face by governments around the world is as their popution wealth increases, so does their ability to buy consumer goods. This in turn leads to more waste.  Which I think is why governments needs to enforce or encourage the use of recycling packaging were ever possible.

Waste does have a negative impact on the environment and some of our lifestyle chooses are not helping.  Like that fast food meal and all the waste packaging that came with it.  (Some fast food outlets have made some changes to their packing to help this problem. For example: most Fast Food Pizza outlet have in recent year redesign their pizza boxes packaging so only a small amount is now put into the waste bin.)

Negative for not recycling are:

1/ In landfill the waste releases dangerous chemicals and greenhouse gasses.

2/ Landfills take up our land and destroy natural habitation for our native animals. Not as must of a problem in Australia, but this is a problem in some oversea countries. But the less landfills we have the better.

3/ The earth does not have an endless supply of resources.  Recycling help us to use less raw products, making it easier to look after our natural resources.  The best example of this if the more paper we recycle the less trees we need to cut down.  The plant does need to look after the native forest and all the animals that rely on them.  Scientist are still learning about our native forest around the world and how they can help us.  For example, Medical research., so wouldn’t it be sad to see them lose their chance to research this natural resource before they find out about all of the great things our forests have.

4/ Manufacturing new resources into new products generally take more energy, then converting recyclable waste products into new products, again helping save natural resources for the future. It also reduces some of the air and water pollution by reducing the extraction and refinement methods during processing. For example: “recycling white paper creates 74% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution than product paper from raw materials.” For recycling Aluminium Can it produce 95% air pollution and 97% less water pollution. (Source “Environment Benefits of Recycling” National Recycling Coalition, 2005 min USA)

Positive for recycling are:

1/ Help to conserve our nature environment for the future and stop resources from being destroyed.negative reasons to recycle

2/ Less landfills save the local council money, which hopefully they would return in reduce rates.

3/ Recycling also create jobs.  A good example of this is at your local markets.  Where you can see what wonderful ides people have come up with to recycle some of the unwanted items that are throw about every day. For example: wooden crates and spirit bottles. Another example of this is the reusable energy market.


So I hope that you can conclude from this that the benefits of recycling are definitely way better than that of not recycling.