About Me

Hi, my name is Margaret and I am not a greenie (well maybe a small one), but I do believe in the importance of recycling, whenever it is feasible to do so. As this is a good thing for our environment to be able to reduce, reuse and recycle.

I started thinking about this website, when my husband told me that I should not put batteries into the rubbish. Then I started to look around to find out what could be recycle and how. It was hard to find a website that gave all the recycling opinions in one place, so I made my own.What can people do to help recycle

It was interesting finding out about the list of recyclable items. For example, I did not know about the toothpaste tubes and brushes.  As I find out about more items and tips, I will add them to the website.

Local councils do have a lot of recycle programs, but they do not recycle everything. Then these are other group that only recycle specific products, like Nespresso.  But I could not find a website that advises about all of the different things that could be recycled and how.

I believe that governments could do more to help reduce our rubbish by making it law, that all items have to came in recyclable packaging, unless there is a good reason why this cannot be done.  I also believe that school should teach more about how to recycle, as well.  For example, most people do not know how to recycle cooking oil properly, and it is not good for the environment to be draining it down the sink. This is where teaching our kids how to correctly dispose of different items and to the right thing could have some good long term effects.

It was great to see that the Supermarkets started a sorecycle binft plastics bags recycle program and stop using plastic shopping bags. I send my other soft plastic bags back to the supermarkets on a regular basic.

So, I hope this website will help other people to find ideas for ways to recycle their unwanted  items.