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When you look around some people have work out some great ideas and tips for recycling. Like reusing old cans as pot plant hanger on the wall, or reusing crates to make furniture.  Most of these ideas I have seem have came from my local weekend art and craft market.  I think it is reality impressive some of the ideas that people have work out for using other people unwanted items.  Some of the people at the market even make a good living out of selling the new recycle products.


Some tips and ideas that I have found out about or thought could be a good idea.

1/ Soft plastic Waste – Place your soft plastic bags for recycling  with your shopping bags, so when you go to the supermarkets you can add them to the recycling rubbish at the supermarket before you start your shopping.

Wooden Crates - Recycling

2/Packing Crate Furniture – If you have some left over packing crates, I thought this was a good idea. Didn’t look like it would be hard to made, provide you were hardly with a saw and hammer. Plus,  I have seem other furniture made with packing crates such as dining tables, coffee tables and bedroom furniture and the finish articles did look reality good.  But the point is packing crate uses are only limited my your imagination and a little bit of wood working skills.

Recycle Crate with garden on it3/ Packing Crate Wall Garden – I was at the Stamford Plaza in Brisbane and I noticed that some-one else came up with a good idea for the Packing Crates as well. They had several of these packing crates on the wall and made them to look like a vertical wall garden.  They did look pretty good and they did brighten up a dull wall and made it look a lot more interesting.

4/ Spirit Bottles – If you have a good glass cutter, some spirit bottles can be made into reality great glasses, which made a good present or talking point when you next get together with family or friends. (See article on Glass Bottles Recycling

5/ Unwanted Items –  If there in good condition, try selling them on Ebay for example.  (As maybe your unwanted items is some-else’s treasure.)

aluminium cans6/ Aluminium Cans and Plastic Drink Bottles ( No Plastic Milk Bottles) – If the office can arrange the collection of these items, then some-one could cash them in (There are even some groups out there now that are collecting the cans and the bottles from different group for a share of the refund) and the refund could go towards the office Christmas Party or maybe make a donation towards the office charity.  Or maybe the office could have an even better idea for the refund.

I also know that there is children in the street were I live, that are collecting the aluminium cans and plastic drink bottles for additional pocket money.

7/ Worm Farms or Compost Bins – If you have the space a worm farm or compost bin is a great idea. They came in many different forms and sizes. These are good forPlant with worm farm getting rid of your vegetables and fruit scrapes. Hardware stores and Amazon have some good products available if your looking.  If not check out the worm farm in my article, it was a nice looking unit and very practical. Especially for a small areas or a balcony. Read more about Composta Worm Farm and Garden.

8/ Ties – if you have a lot of old ties and can uses a sewing machine. My sister sewed a lot together and made a skirt out of them, it looked pretty good. Wish I still had a picture of it to show everyone.

9/ Railway Sleepers – I have used them for garden edges.  Another good idea for ex railway timber sleepers is to make them into tables or desk tops. A company call Top Gun Timbers Pty Ltd is a expert at this.  Their facebook page is: Top Gun Timbers pty ltd. 

Timber Sleepers – Before

Timbers Sleepers After – Desk Top